Marriage License

John W. Hillmon and Sadie E. Quinn

Marriage License, Douglas County, Kansas

Marriage License: John W. Hillman and Sadie E. Quinn
From the archives of the Kansas State Historical Society
Courtesy of Shirley Brier.

The Daily Tribune, Lawrence, Kansas, October 5, 1878.


Oct. 5th (sic), at the residence of Mrs. Judson, on Henry Street, by Rev. Geo. W. Henning, Mr. John W. Hillman, of New Mexico, to Miss Sadie E. Quinn, of Douglas county.

(The date of Oct. 5th given in the wedding announcement is probably a typographical error, as the license clearly gives the marriage date as October 3rd. Also, note that Hillman’s name was written “Hillmon” first on the license, and second as “Hillman”.)

The Daily Tribune, Lawrence, Kansas, April 4, 1879.

Who Is It? Is It a Crime?

Some time ago The Tribune contained an account of the marriage of Mr. J. W. Hillman to Miss Sadie E. Quinn, of this city. Since that time a terrible tragedy has occurred which has for its sequel the death of Mr. Hillman, and today the remains lie in a rough board coffin in a little shop on New Hampshire street, and curious spectators have at time during the day viewed the remains…

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This marriage license, which is courtesy of Shirley Brier, was originally published on theJohn W. Hillman & Sadie E. Quinn Marriage License web page on theBarber County, Kansas: History & Genealogy web site by Jerry Ferrin on 17 March 2006.