The Karass

Thanks and Acknowledgments, or The Karass

Left: Dennis Van Gerven at graveside.   Center: Sandra & Leray Hillmon, Mimi Wesson.   Right: Exhumation of the grave.
(See The Exhumation for an explanation of “The Karass”.)

At the University of Colorado:

The Law School, especially

  • Associate Dean Dayna Matthew
  • Jane Thompson, Law Library
  • Andrea Viedt
  • Continuing Education, especially Wynn Martens
  • Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, especially Ken Krauter
  • Department of Anthropology
    • Dennis Van Gerven, amazing teacher, sage of bones
    • Paul Sandberg, man of limitless future
  • The Film Studies program
    • Ernesto Acevedo-Munoz, director and force of nature
    • Rachel Griego, still photography and artistic sensibility
    • Mike Lawrence, quiet man of endless competence
    • Lee Sarter, source of energy and reassurance

At the City of Lawrence, Kansas:

  • Toni Ramirez Wheeler, City Attorney’s Office
  • Mitch Young, Cemetery Superintendent
  • Lisa Patterson , Director of Communications
  • Frank (last name unknown), cemetery worker

At the University of Kansas:

  • Professor David Frayer, generous host, inventive chef, excellent scientist and fine talking head
  • Professor Jim Mielke, fine scientist and contagious enthusiast

At Spencer, Fane, Britt & Browne of Kansas City, Missouri:

  • Mark Thornhill, genius litigator
  • Mackenzie Murphy-Wilfong, mistress of attention to detail
  • Maria Donigan, backstage tolerance and encouragement


  • Dan and Kim Davis of Washington
  • Leray and Sandra Hillmon of Montana
  • Ben Herr of Lyons, Colorado
  • Katie Tepley Jackson of Manhattan, Kansas
  • Ellen Gault of Colorado, ranch minder and llama lover
  • Shirley & Mike Brier, Jerry Ferrin, Kim Fowles and Phyllis Scherich of the Barber County, Kansas: History & Genealogy web site
  • Mary Hey and Maria Krenz of Boulder, Colorado
  • Charlie Brennan of the Rocky Mountain News
  • Kansas State Historical Society
  • National Archives and Records Administration